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"Badiene is the very best vocal teacher in the world who has a true passion and desire to help her students reach success in whatever they choose to do. I first met Badiene prior to my Matilda callbacks and I am certain that her expertise helped me book the role. Ever since then even though I live outside of the city she always works me into her schedule and does whatever it takes to help me feel well prepared before going into any audition. Most recently she worked with me on my material for A Bronx Tale and now here on I am living my dream on Broadway. Badiene is a rare find and I will always be grateful that she is in my life. Her technique and instruction truly make all the difference!"
- Will Coombs
Young Cologero, "A Bronx Tale" - Broadway
Nigel, "Matilda" - 1st National Tour
"Badiene M. helped me to achieve my dream of starring on Broadway as Charlie Bucket in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory! She is a a top notch voice teacher, and continues to help me maintain vocal wellness during my run on Broadway. I would not be where I am today without Badiene's coaching, encouragement and support."
- Ryan Sell
Charlie, "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!" - Broadway
"Before going to Badiene, my range was short and my tonal quality was poor. Within the first few lessons she had me belting notes I never thought possible and introduced me to the mix technique. In just the few years I’ve been with her my range has extended multiple octaves, I have built a solid mix, and I am able to sing with a full and pure quality. She has transformed me from just a dancer in the chorus into a true triple threat!"
- Casey Garvin
"Miss Saigon" - Broadway
"Bullets Over Broadway" - Broadway
"West Side Story" - National Tour
"Badiene and her team always challenges me to be the best singer and performer I can be. They make sure that every note and every word is just right. My voice gets stronger and more powerful every time I see her! Badiene helped me book and prepared me so well for the biggest role of my life on Broadway!"
- Ellie Kim
Swing, "School of Rock" - Broadway
"Badiene was the first instructor to teach me how to use my mix voice and the importance of phrasing. Those skills helped me to grow as a singer and land the roles Katie in Broadway's “School of Rock” and Cindy Lou Who in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” I also love her associate teachers! Thank you, Badiene!!!!"
- Rachel Katzke
Katie, "School of Rock" - Broadway
"I love studying with Badiene and MVS Licensee, Joseph Olson. They are so much fun to work with and because of them, I sing with strength and control. Their support and guidance gave me the confidence to go after my dreams and make my Broadway debut!"
- Sophia Kekllas
Swing, “School of Rock" - Broadway
"Badiene is by far the best vocal technique coach! She is absolutely phenomenal.. My son has learned and grown so much with her. Badiene is a cut above the rest"
- Christopher Convery
Young Charlie, "Kinky Boots" - Broadway
"As someone who joins the Broadway world from concert dance, Badiene has been instrumental in helping me to cultivate the tools and technique I needed to book the job. Badiene and her Licensees, Jillian and Joseph, always make sure I am presenting myself in the best way possible. They help me pick the perfect song, work with me so I can sing it well, and then arrange a great cut in the right key for my voice. In short, they rock!"
- Gia Mongell
Swing, "An American In Paris" - Broadway
"Badiene has helped me to expand and improve on all aspects of my singing. I am truly grateful for all of her coaching tips and pointers. Thank you Badeine."
- Grace Matwijec
Alice and Hortensia, "Matilda" - Broadway
"Phenomenal is just one of the many adjectives that can be used to describe Badiene and her vocal studio staff. From the very first lesson, we were blown away by her knowledge, experience and dedication to the success of our son. She has a keen ear, and is able to correct even the most subtle mistakes. Badiene teaches proper technique, while explaining the physiological importance of singing."
- Ian Saraceni
"The King and I" - Broadway
"Matilda the Musical" - Broadway
"Badiene was the first instructor to teach me how to use my mix voice and the importance of phrasing. Those skills helped me to grow as a singer and land the roles Katie in Broadway's “School of Rock” and Cindy Lou Who in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” I also love her associate teachers! Thank you, Badiene!!!!"
- Sydney Lucas
TONY AWARD NOMINEE for Small Alison, "Fun Home" - Broadway
"In Oscar's recent audition for the new Broadway musical Fun Home, Badiene was instrumental in preparing him. On short notice she made time for him, already knowing enough about him to realize how important a proper warm up was. She did an excellent job. Oscar left Badiene and went to his callback and booked the show! We have seen a difference in his short time singing with her. She has an excellent ear for finding your issues and improving you. Now that we are going to be in NYC we can't wait to use Badiene to keep his voice Top Notch!! "
- Zoe Williams (Oscar's Mom)
"Fun Home" - Broadway
"Badiene was the first instructor to teach me how to use my mix voice and the importance of phrasing. Those skills helped me to grow as a singer and land the roles Katie in Broadway's “School of Rock” and Cindy Lou Who in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” I also love her associate teachers! Thank you, Badiene!!!!"
- Jake Lucas
TONY AWARD NOMINEE for Louis, "The King and I" - Broadway
"For her final FUN HOME callback, Maya had to learn a new song overnight. Without hesitation, Badiene agreed to stay late after a very long day and work with Maya at 10pm! She really helped Maya to understand the dynamics of the new song so she truly FELT what she was singing. She gives great instruction on technique and really knows how to reach the student so they understand what she needs from them. We are grateful that she took the time to work with us and Maya booked the role!"
- Brian Fischbein for Maya Fischbein
Swing, Small Allison, Christian, John Bechtel, "Fun Home" - Broadway
"Meeting Badiene is one of the best parts of my NYC experience. She is a gem! Working with her was a "game changer" for me! Badiene increased my range AND enriched my life and has become a big part of my New York Broadway Debut experience!"
- Lilla Crawford
Annie, "Annie" - Broadway
Debbie, "Billy Elliot" - Broadway
"Badiene took my voice to the next level! Her expectations are high and her methods are supportive. This was the winning combination for me."
- Alex Dreier
"Finding Neverland" - Broadway
Timmy, "The Assembled Parties" - Broadway
Small Boy, "Billy Elliot" - Broadway
“Casey has received outstanding vocal instruction and coaching from Badiene. She is a consummate master teacher with an abundance of enthusiasm and support for her students. She knows just how to prepare her students for all kinds of vocal auditions from Rock musicals to Classical operas. To top it off, her sessions are face-paced, exhilarating and fun for her students.”
- Tracy Butler for Casey Butler
George Llewllyn Davies, " Finding Neverland" - Broadway
"Our son, Ashton started with Badiene at age 7. She not only taught him proper technique, but also proper behavior in auditions and backstage. He landed a role on Broadway in "Priscilla, Queen of The Desert" just couple of weeks after starting with Badiene! His voice has grown tremendously and she makes it fun for him!"
- Ashton Woerz
Theo, "Pippin," Broadway
Benji, "Priscilla, Queen of The Desert," Broadway
"Badiene is the best. Since coming to her for vocal lessons, I have not only increased my vocal range tremendously but my callbacks as well, and now I'm on Broadway!"
-Analise Scarpaci
"Matilda," Broadway
"A Christmas Story," Broadway
"Godspell," Broadway
"We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work with Philip and Badiene. They have shown tremendous ability relating to children, and communicating vocal technique in a way that the kids can understand! Lessons are always fun, and Anthony, Nicolette and Marisa love their time with them!"
-Anthony Pierini
"Big Fish," Broadway
"Mary Poppins," Broadway
"Les Miserables," 25th Anniversary National Tour
"Badiene Magaziner has helped me tremendously throughout my career. She has given me techniques and stretched my voice beyond belief. I can always count on her. Thanks so much Badiene. Your the best!"
- Jake Evan Schwencke
Michael, "Billy Elliot," Broadway
Randolf, "Bye, Bye Birdie," Broadway
"I was blown away how strong my voice got after only a few lessons. Thanks to Badiene my voice improved in no time. She is undoubtedly the most amazing teacher. I’m looking forward to continuing a wonderful vocal relationship with her. Singing is the most important part of my life and Badiene is helping me become the best singer that I can be. I truly feel that Badiene is the best voice teacher out there. Thanks, Badiene!"
-Trevor Braun
Michael, "Billy Elliot," Broadway
Flounder, "The Little Mermaid," Broadway
"I love studying with Badiene. She is fun and nurturing to work with. In a very short time, she showed me how to get more sound out of my chest voice. I am looking forward to learning and developing even more from her wonderful teaching."
-Maddy Novak
"Billy Elliot," Broadway
"Badiene Magaziner has helped me so much with my dream of getting to Broadway. She’s an amazing and loving vocal instructor who helps with all types of vocal styles. Badiene has been more than just a teacher to me, she has given me the confidence to really put myself out there and be willing to try new and different things. I could never have accomplished my dream without her, and I can’t wait to see what comes next with her by my side!"
-Annabelle Kempf
"Billy Elliot," Broadway
"Badiene is amazing! Thanks to her, Danika is easily hitting the highest notes on the piano! Badiene has done an excellent job in preparing Danika for her success in Billy Elliot on Broadway!"
-Danika Yarosh
"Billy Elliott" Broadway
"Badiene has helped me to develop my mix and expand my range. I love Badiene!"
-Meg Guzulescu
"Billy Elliot" Broadway Original Cast
"Since Billy Elliot closed, Badiene has helped me find new songs and has helped me further develop my vocal technique!"
-Joseph Harrington,
Billy, "Billy Elliot," Broadway
"Badiene is not only an incredible talent but an incredible teacher as well. She has made, and continues to make, an everlasting impact on Makenzi’s career!!"
-Makenzi Rae
Keeley Gibson, "Billy Elliot," Broadway
"Badiene will help you improve and give you confidence as a singer. She'll give you the edge to prepare for your auditions.
-Michael Kleeman
Kiddo, "West Side Story," Broadway
"Badiene’s vocal training is the best. With her, I am able to sing notes I’ve never sung before, without sacrificing the tone and while still protecting my voice. She also has the ability to bring out my best acting skills and helps make my singing more believable."
-Mary Stewart Sullivan
"Enron," Broadway
"I owe my life to Badiene! Thanks to her, I landed the role of Michael Banks in "Mary Poppins" on Broadway! I love you Badiene!"
-Matthew Gumley
Michael Banks "Mary Poppins," Broadway
"Badiene is the most amazing teacher! Thank you so much!"
-Alexandra Berro
Jane, "Mary Poppins," Broadway
"I love working with Badiene! She is so much fun and has taught me so much. She is so enthusiastic and supportive and is really patient. I always feel so good when I leave – I have a big smile on my face."
-Devynn Pedell
Jane, "Mary Poppins" Broadway
"Now that Badiene taught me how to mix, I can do my performances in "Shrek, the Musical" without any strain!"
-Rachel Resheff
Jane Banks, "Mary Poppins," Broadway
Young Fiona, "Shrek, the Musical," Broadway
"Billy Elliot," Broadway
"I never was able to sing above a g# until I started studying with Badiene. In my first lesson she had me on a High C and I was sold. More importantly, she has given me the tools to fix and work through any vocal hiccups I may have while on the road. Everyone should experience at least one lesson with Badiene so to realize ones full potential."
-Edward Miskie
Max/Franz understudy, "Sound of Music," North Shore Music Theater
Ian Wallace, "Rooms A Rock Romance," The Spirit of Broadway Theatre
2011 WINNER, Roger Sturtevant Award, Actors Equity Association.
"After studying with Badiene, I was able to solidify my technique and win the role of "Angel" in the National Touring Company of RENT!"
-Justin Rodriguez
Angel, "RENT," Broadway, National Tour
"As a dancer, I was never one to sing for crowds because I never felt comfortable with my voice. But after working with Badiene, not only did I develop a proper singing technique, I also fell in love with singing! Now I am always excited about singing on stage! Thanks you so much, Badiene! You are an angel and I love you!"
-Eric Nelson
Brett, "13, The Musical"
"Badiene is an amazingly wonderful talent. When I need areas in my voice and songs that need help, I know she is always able to help me fix it. I go into auditions and concerts nailing my pieces. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and I am confident that any problem areas in my voice I need to fix, Badiene is the one who can do it. Her passion and charisma for helping others is evident in every lesson. Thank you so much, Badiene!"
-Kay Trinidad
"The Little Mermaid," Broadway
"I thank my vocal coach, Badiene Magaziner, for helping me perfect my craft and for coaching me to become a well-trained vocalist and to fulfill my dreams."
-Annie Jules
Young Nala, "The Lion King," Broadway
"I began working with Badiene right before and right on through that rocky patch that boys go through known as the voice change! I was also doing eight shows a week on Broadway. I definitely had no time to wait for the change to be over. With Badiene’s help and her teaching, I learned to go from belting something out straight into my upper register with ease and grace. I never felt one bit of strain. My mix was smooth and clean. I am forever grateful to her for that."
-P.J. Verhoest
"The Boy from Oz," Broadway
"When I moved from Florida to New York to begin training and auditioning, I carried only two things: my headshot and my luggage! Badiene had to start from scratch by developing a repertoire book for me. She carefully chose specific vocal pieces that were perfect for my voice and personality! I already loved to sing, but she made my love for singing ten times stronger! Badiene is an amazing voice teacher as well as an amazing person. I will always be grateful to her for getting me started and for making my voice sound beautiful!"
-River Alexander
"Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson," Broadway

National Tours

"Badiene always shoots for perfection which makes me always want to do my best and put 110% into my work. Thank you for helping me reach my goals."
- Amanda Swickle
Annie, "Annie" - National Tour
"In my first lesson with Badiene I asked her to help bring my coloratura high notes back, little did I know she would do that and more. Badiene has helped immensely with all aspects of my singing and has equally helped me learn to successfully communicate through song. Her teaching has solidified my ability to navigate through many different styles of music and has given me the confidence to know that I am doing it very well. I am so grateful to be a part of her studio."
- Lucy Anders
"Something Rotten" - National Tour
"For the past four years, Badiene has been instrumental in helping me grow as both a vocalist and a young artist. My voice has grown exponentially with her exercises tailored specifically to help me develop my mix and legit voice, in addition to her excellent in-lesson performance coaching. She has the upmost passion and belief in me and my ability, always encouraging me and pushing me to a new level that I once though unreachable. Badiene is easy to work with, with a joyful sense of humor and deep love for the work that she does. I cannot recommend her enough!"
- Lilli Jacobs
Ensemble, U/S Gabrielle, "Cinderella" - National Tour
"Badiene and Joseph made me feel supported from the start of my lessons. I love how they both can pick up with me from exactly where I left off with the other. Badiene helped give me the confidence I needed and answered the questions I had before my audition for Kinky Boots - and now I'm with the show on tour. Couldn't have done it without you Badiene! Thank you for everything!"
- Landon Maas, 9 years old
Young Charlie, "Kinky Boots the Musical" - 1st National Tour
"Badiene worked to develop the sound and quality of my voice starting almost a decade ago, providing me regular coachings out of her former studio in southern New Jersey. Lessons were so productive, my career and I followed her to New York City. Today, she acts as my vocal mechanic, fixing problems and lapses in technique with speed and skill on a need-to-see basis. Badiene swiftly identifies trouble areas, correcting them with ease, in a positive and productive setting, out of her convenient midtown studio."
- Mark Alpert
Proops/Priest, "Jekyll & Hyde" - National Tour
"Badiene approaches our lessons with a strategy that is precise and clear, both vocally and professionally. Her exceptional knowledge of all types of music is shared and taught in a way that I can understand and apply for each audition and my long term career. It is an honor to work with Badiene, Jillian, and the MVS team!"
- Harrison Leahy

Theo, "Pippin" - National Tour
"After playing Billy Elliot at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre at the end of 2015, Jamie Mann went on to reprise the role in three productions in 2016: Company Theatre (MA), the Palace Theatre (NH), and the Fulton Theatre (PA). Badiene's exemplary vocal training was instrumental in Jamie reaching his goal of playing his dream role; equally important is the confidence she instills in molding kids into young professionals. Badiene's warmth, constant support, infectious smile and laughter are just icing on the cake!"
- Jamie Mann
Billy, "Billy Elliot" - Maltz Theater, Palace Theater, Fulton Theater
"Badiene’s singing techniques help you maintain vocal health and power under even the most grueling of performance conditions. And her positive attitude and support leaves you feeling that you can take on the world. She is a godsend!"
-Kate Andres
Mame, "Mame" - National Tour
"Badiene is an amazing teacher! In a short period of time I have learned the proper technique needed to improve my voice. Thank you Badiene!"
- Zach Mackiewicz
Young Theo, Pippin, National Tour
"Badiene really made a huge difference in my singing abilities. Thanks to her, I have more control over my voice, have expanded my range and have learned how to really tell a story while I sing. She is amazing!"
- Andrew Plinio
"Radio City Christmas Spectacular" - National Tour
"Love you, Badiene and the Badiene Magaziner Vocal Studio! Mateo has learned so much from you and your team in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to Mateo growing and learning from you and the MVS team in the coming years!"
- Monique Lizcano (Mateo's Mom)
"Radio City Christmas Spectacular" - New York
"Badiene is an amazing talent and incredible teacher. She has helped me to reach notes I never thought possible, all while practicing a safe technique. After working with Badiene just a few months, I landed a leading role of Susan Walker in the musical Miracle on 34th Street in NY. Badiene has a way of explaining technique that makes it easy to understand and before you know it, your voice has reached a new level. I love working with Badiene. She is always encouraging and I feel great-like I’ve accomplished a lot- when I walk out that door!"
-Gianna LePera
Irving Berlin’s "White Christmas," National Tour
"When I came to Badiene two years ago I had a wobbly vibrato and was limited by the feeling that I had two disconnected vocal registers. Badiene’s teaching helped me to build my voice up gradually using a vocabulary that made sense to me both physically and intellectually. With Badiene’s knowledge, skill, and intuition I have conquered many of my vocal issues and continue to grow tremendously. My voice is MY voice – it’s so specific and personal - and with Badiene I really feel like it’s in great hands."
-Melanie Siegel
Bielke/Grandma Tzeitel 2010-11 North American Tour of "Fiddler on the Roof"
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"Although Badiene said that I am a natural singer, she helped me understand how to produce my mix and my extreme top to give me endurance and longevity so my voice stays in great condition forever!"
-Bianca Ryan
1st Winner of "America’s Got Talent!"
"I go to New York very often due to my career, and I wanted to find a good singing teacher in that area. Badiene’s lessons were wonderful. She gave me helpful exercises to improve my vocal technique and breathing. Once you meet Badiene, you feel that you have known her for a long time, since she is very friendly and gives great enthusiasm to her class. It is a real pleasure having her as a vocal instructor!"
-Juan Luis Guerra
Winner of over 10 Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards
"I first met Badiene in the Fall of 2005 in New York. I was there to do a photo shoot with my label, and Tom Silverman, the president of Tommy Boy Records, made an appointment for me to meet with Badiene. At first I was quite skeptical, for I have been singing my entire adult life and have never had a single lesson. But I did not want to make a fuss, so I figured I would go and meet her for an hour and that would be that. She was very nice (and quite beautiful I might add), but I didn’t know how much all the oohs and ahhs would help me sing better? Well, it took me a few months later to really find out the magic of Badiene’s lessons. This past March I had a big show to do and I woke up with no voice. I couldn’t even speak, let alone sing. I even went so far to call the promoter to cancel the show, when I remembered Badiene’s powerful voice in my ear telling me to "try this, do that, breathe, etc." So, I figured that I had nothing to lose and I would give it a shot. I searched frantically all over the house for the tape of our November session, and finally found it. I went through it twice and just as I was giving up hope, I started to hear my voice transform right back to normal. I couldn’t believe it. I called the promoter back and let him know that we were back on, and I have continued to do my exercises ever since. I didn’t think it was possible that I could learn something new like that after so many years, but I can tell you it works. And it saved me that night! Thank you so much Badiene, and can’t wait to see you soon."
-Roy Young
International Recoding Artist, Tommy Boy Records
"When I started to devote myself to writing and singing for my new band, "Rusty Truck," I contacted Badiene. She helped me to find my voice! Her approach and her technique gave me confidence to secure a personal style and to have the ability to perform and record successfully. With her guidance, my voice now defines me as an artist."
-Mark Seliger
Lead singer, Rusty Truck
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"From her many years as an International Opera singer, Badiene Magaziner has developed unrivaled diagnostic skills as a voice teacher. Her special attention to the balance of registration and a natural ease of vocal production could help any singer repair, develop or strengthen their singing whether they are active in opera, musical-comedy, or pop. I have valued her opinions in the constant learning experience of my own career and can recommend her without reservation to any singer."
-David Kuebler, Tenor, Metropolitan Opera Star
– "Covent Garden," "La Scala"
"Badiene is a truly wonderful teacher. She has helped me obtain a seamless connection through my chest, mix, and head bridges by using very effective vocal exercises. She has helped me to develop better body posture and positioning, and has improved my singing with things so simple as correcting my vowel pronunciation. The best thing about Badiene is that through all the technical attention, she never forgets the importance of connecting emotionally to the music and text."
-Karin Mushegian
Florida Grand Opera, Pittsburgh Opera Theater, LA Opera, Opera Miami
"Meeting Badiene has been one of the most memorable and life changing experiences to date. She welcomed me with opened arms, registered me properly, and helped me embrace the totality of what I was meant to do in life and in the entertainment industry. Badiene listens and access your entire package and comes up with a strategic plan for you to be the very best. Badiene is THE REAL DEAL and I recommend her today for your success tomorrow!"
- Frank Humphrey
Manhattan School of Music, Master of Music Program
"I have had the privilege of studying with Badiene Magaziner for the last 6 years. In that time my range has extended in both directions, the quality of my tone has improved and my overall performance has become more polished and professional. Singing opera, or any genre of music, is hard and can be frustrating, but Badiene makes it fun and fulfilling. I wouldn't be the singer I am today if not for Badiene, nor would I have won the prestigious Presser Award for Music at Sarah Lawrence College."  
- Samantha Friedman, Mezzo-soprano
"Badiene Magaziner has quite simply CHANGED my voice and changed my life! Her teaching ability is extraordinary, inspired, energetic, spiritual and intuitive. People are astounded at my voice now and I am now pursuing an international operatic career! She took my breathy small voice with a marked tremolo and no chest voice, and transformed it into a big rich exciting professional OPERATIC VOICE, capable of floating gorgeous high notes, and mixing from chest to middle voice to head and back. Badiene has a fantastic ear, is incredibly inspirational, encouraging, perceptive and skilled at what she does. I’m so glad to have been given the opportunity to work with her! Now I have the voice I always dreamed of! Badiene is my angel and I thank G*d every day for her!"
- Michelle Schulman
"Badiene is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher. She goes above and beyond the ordinary role of voice teacher. Not only did she build a seamless, powerful, more than three-octave vocal range for me, but thanks to Badiene’s mentorship, I was cast in a world premiere opera in Italy at age 13, received the Joyce Dutka Student Vocal award in NYC, was accepted into Metropolitan Opera Star Dolora Zajick’s Institute for Young Dramatic Voices, was a semi-finalist in Classical Singer’s High School Competition, and was a finalist in the Bacardi Fallon Performing Arts Scholarship. At 17, I was recently awarded a scholarship at Jacob’s School of Music at Indiana University! None of this would have happened without Badiene’s exceptional training, her awesome connections, and the amazing love and care that she puts into her students. Thanks for everything!"
-Beverly Thompson Indiana University, Jacob’s School of Music Dolora Zajick's Institute for Young Dramatic Voices
"All of this is a new adventure for me!! Singing opera along with my cabaret career! I got rave reviews for my debut with the Zurich Opera! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really feel that I owe my improved voice and technique solely to you, marvelous Badiene!!!!"
-Tora Karen Elisabeth Augestad

On performing Handel at the Zurich Opera!
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On-Line Lessons (International)

"Badiene is an amazing person, which then translates into her teaching. I have been searching for a decent vocal coach for ages all throughout NYC area, but I have never gotten quite what I wanted from a voice lesson. That changed when I started studying with Badiene. She immediately "read" into what I wanted and needed. She was able to make me sing with ease up to D above high C in full voice in just a few minutes! Badiene’s technique is amazing and when you get stuck, she knows how to coax your voice into relaxing, allowing you to sing notes you never knew you could! Auditioning is now the greatest thrill since I know my voice is ready for everything. Thanks Badiene!"
-Branko Glad
Che, "Evita," European Tour
Danny/Roger, "Grease," Croatia;
"Badiene, YOU are truly heaven sent! It’s incredible that you were able to analyze my vocal issues OVER THE PHONE, half way around the world! And in just a few MINUTES you hit the nail on the head! Damn, you’re good!"
- Leehom Wang, China

SonyBMG recording artist, Ang Lee’s film, "Lust, Caution"
When I was younger, I could belt really well. As I grew up, my range decreased and I was concerned. I needed technique to help me fulfill my dreams in Musical Theatre. On our first SKYPE LESSON, Badiene said "Yael, you have a beautiful voice, but if you continue using your voice the way you use it now, you may lose it." Badiene not only increased my range, but taught me how to mix and sing with complete ease. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing teacher!
- Yael Eden Chanukov
, San Diego
My daughter Julia loves working with Badiene! Badiene has not only helped her with her technique, but her stage presence and confidence as well, and all ON LINE! It is incredible how much they can accomplish in an hour. I am so impressed with the progress she has made since she began studying with Badiene, and how much she has grown as an artist. I highly recommend Badiene to anyone who wants the best for their child.
- Julia Wax, San Diego
Badiene has been a blessing! The idea of getting NY level vocal training from my house in Florida is an amazing concept! In only a few SKYPE LESSONS, I grew tremendously. She immediately diagnosed my problem areas and quickly gave me the tools to fix them. She also taught me how to sing thru my mix with power in strength and how the anatomy of the vocal folds work. Class is always fun and definitely rewarding!
- Savannah Ashford, Florida
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"Working with Badiene has been a turning point in my career. She is a fantastic teacher, with empathy and a profound knowledge in everything she teaches. To me it is invaluable to work with a teacher who understands such a wide variety of genres. I study both my cabaret, my classical and my contemporary repertoires with Badiene. With her, I found my true voice."
-Tora Karen Elisabeth Augestad
Award-winning Cabaret performer and Opera Singer
"Badiene is truly remarkable in solving vocal problems as quickly and simply as possible. She uses straightforward, no-nonsense technique that balances vocal registers and eliminates misuse or vocal fatigue. With one or two exercises or sentences, she can pinpoint a problem I have struggled with for years. Furthermore, she is positive and upbeat and truly believes in her students."
-Minda Larsen
Award winning cabaret singer, actress, and songwriter
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Cantorial Clients

"Before I started to work with Badiene, I had no idea that my range was not in my kitchen! But the three octaves that she found that seemed to be a pretty well kept secret. I had worked with others but it is exciting and stimulating to be in her presence. I experience the joy with which she teaches! She evokes within me every emotion while in the very same moment, she is teaching the most complicated and serious concepts. Her confluent method of teaching, the love of her artistry, the humility, sensitivity and kindness which she both offers and elicits, not only has an impact on us as her students and artists, but as human beings…and after all, what is art if not the artists’ desire to share her passion with the rest of the world?"
-Debbie Friedman (1951-2011)
"Badiene is an inspired teacher, who always seems to know exactly what to say and what exercises to try, to improve the color and tone of my voice. My vocal technique and range has improved greatly in just 8 months of working with her. She has great energy, and knows how to channel it during lessons so that no matter how tired I felt coming in, I always feel energized coming out."
-Cantor Angela Buchdahl
Central Synagogue
"At my congregational job, I don’t get a chance to use my upper range very much. Badiene has helped me explore new heights with my voice, extending my range and holding high D’s with unexpected ease! Thank you, Badiene!"
-Cantor Rollin Simmons
Aspen Jewish Congregation
"As a Cantorial student, I depend on my voice teacher to help me build, strengthen, develop and correctly support my voice. Badiene does all this and more – in a way I believe only she can. She listens carefully and notices everything. I don’t know how she does it, but Badiene very quickly comes to understand each of her students, and somehow knows exactly what we each need. She is communicative, supportive, and even humorous, yet she always remembers to stress the importance of the text and the meaning. We should all be blessed to find a teacher like Badiene."
-Cantor Zoe Jacobs
Finchley Reform Synagogue
"Badiene is the most extraordinary teacher–she really knows the voice, and knows how to teach. In just a few lessons I was already feeling a different kind of strength and fluidity in my voice, and within a few months, Badiene has opened up my upper register. She’s the only teacher I will ever need or want."
- Cantor Alicia Stillman
"I have studied voice for over 30 years and, as a classical singer, was not sure I had anything more to learn. I approached my first lesson with reservations because I thought Badiene was primarily a teacher for pop singers. I was quite surprised to see how well trained she was and how remarkable her ears were!! Badiene has a great sense of any vocal instrument- its potential, and, its areas for improvement. She is directing my existing talent to reach its finest possibilities. Along the way, she is nurturing, encouraging and supportive. I can highly recommend Badiene Magaziner as a fine vocal technician for any serious singer."
- Cantor Gail P. Hirschenfang
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"I am thrilled to have an opera star the quality of Badiene Magaziner as my first Certified Speech Level Singing Associate Teacher in the NYC/NJ/Greater Philadelphia area. In the study of bel canto singing, it is imperative to balance the passagi (bridges). In the years that I have been working with Badiene, she has demonstrated excellence in showing students how to pinpoint problems areas and sing through their bridges. She has the rare ability to give them the exact exercises they need to correct the problems, explaining the technique in a clear and concise manner."
-Seth Riggs, Voice Teacher
"I have worked with Badiene to provide comprehensive vocal care to children and adult professional voice users for several years. Badiene has an uncanny ability to detect even the most subtle of voice problems. She understands well the need for a team approach to voice care – realizing that medical issues can both contribute to performance injury, and also stand in the way of a superior vocal performance. Badiene is adept at identifying and eliminating patterns of vocal misuse and abuse. She has repeatedly guided performers safely through difficult and challenging vocal issues so that they could continue to earn their livelihood. Without being extremist –neither cowgirl nor coward–, Badiene steadily and steadfastly stretches her students’ ranges and registers. As both coach and cheerleader, her ability to both develop and nurture her students’ self-confidence is a wonder to behold!"
-Michelle R. Yagoda, M.D., P.C.
"Badiene Magaziner is my go-to choice when sending my clients to a voice teacher! Her technique gets results... and fast. In this business there is no time to waste. Badiene's teaching technique is EFFIECENT and ground-breaking in many ways. She takes my clients to the next level – exactly where they need to be in order to compete in this busines.. and does so in a very short period of time!"
- David Gilbert
Zuri Model and Talent Agency, Inc.
Director of Young Talent Division, NY
"We always know our clients are getting the best instruction to develop their vocal abilities when we send them to work with Badiene. With her guidance, many of them have found much success in their careers."
- Dave McKeown
Shirley Grant Management
"Badiene Magaziner is the ultimate and consummate voice teacher. Her passion and expertise is inspiring and a life preserver to any singer. Like air and water for the traveler, she is an essential guide on the path to vocal excellence."
- Jody Prusan
Talent Manager, Actor
"Badiene and I met years back when I was producing an event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A common thread brought us together and aside from being one of my dearest friends, she is hands-down THE MOST BRILLIANT VOICE TEACHER I HAVE COME ACROSS in my years in the business. She can diagnose vocal issues in the most amazing way, often fixing life-long bad habits in a one-hour lesson. Her background in SLS allows for an uncanny knowledge of mix that I have heard her bring out in talents under 10 years old. The best "mix doctor" in the US!! My clients are her students and she is a force in this industry."
- Trapper Felides, Voice Coach, Music Director
Badiene Magaziner is without a doubt the greatest voice teacher and singing coach that I ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has a unique ability to give each student individualized attention. That is why I refer many of my acting students to her. They not only return to me with vastly improved vocal talents but also as better actors. Badiene Magaziner is a one of a kind and it is my continued pleasure to know and work with her.
- Joan Stephens, Joan Stephens Acting Workshops
"I wish I had met Badiene 20 years ago"! I had just about given up on ever attaining an A-Flat without strain and discomfort, thinking that bad genes and hereditary contributed to my lack of range. One lesson with Badiene was all it took. I still can’t believe it when I’m hitting high C’s! Badiene doesn’t just train your voice, she develops your confidence as well: you believe it’s possible to increase your vocal range. Badiene provides a solid foundation for vocal technique. Fluidity and ease-of-transition from chest to middle to head is what Badiene Magaziner is all about!"
- Kerry Prep
Professor, Adelphi University, Musical Theater
Musical Director, Composer, Actor, Singer
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Vocal Rehabilitation

"I had experienced difficulty phonating off and on for 2 years, in various parts of my range.  I tried a combination of treatments including medication for reflux, vocal silence and voice therapy but to no avail.  Finally, I scheduled an operation on my vocal cords.At the same time, my then voice teacher referred me to Badiene Magaziner as someone whom she thought could help with my issue. Within one year, not only was I able to phonate throughout my entire range, but I went back to singing professionally and performing better than before, and without ANY strain or vocal fatigue!"
- Anonymous
"When Badiene first heard me, she asked me if I had been belting for a long time. She heard that I had vocal nodes. With the exercises she gave me and proper vocal care, I got rid of the vocal damage and am now had an opportunity to perform in a tour around US and in Argentina Chili and winning contests in Germany and NY. I'm very grateful to Badiene for continuing helping me to achieve my goals and wishes and to my parents the opportunity they gave me to work with Badiene."
-Jasmine Petraru
"I love to sing. When I started working with Badiene she correctly diagnosed that I had vocal nodes from signing improperly. Within 6 months of using her technique, the nodes were gone! Badiene taught me how to REALLY sing, how to use my voice and develop my range. I even got into LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts, the "Fame" School, and will be starred as Mike in "A Chorus Line," beating out juniors and seniors in my school to win the role! I will always be grateful to her!"
-Jackson Hinden
Mike, "A Chorus Line," La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts
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