Badiene at Events

Badiene with Natalie Cole                                        Badiene with Marc Anthony                                Badiene with Joan Collins

Badiene with Robin Williams                         Badiene with Janice Combs, P Diddy’s Mom       Badiene with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary

Badiene with Larry King                                              Badiene with Robert Klein                                        Badiene with Kathy Lee Gifford

Badiene and Thomas Hampson                            Badiene and Marilyn Home                        Marvin Hamlisch in Kennedy Center Dressing Room

With Conductor James Conlon & Daughter Emma    Badiene and Lance Bass of ‘NSYNC            Badiene & Record Mogul Russell Simmons

Badiene in Costume

Badiene & Composer GianCarlo Menotti                Badiene as Fata Morgana                              Badiene with Ruth Falcon as Creusa

Badiene as the Countess                                       Badiene as the Merry Widow                    Badiene with Marion Ross on “Burke’s Law” TV Show

Badiene as Norina at Juilliard                Badiene as Musetta at Juilliard             Badiene and Conductor Christian Thielemann

Badiene as Musetta with Giogio Tozzi          Badiene as Musetta with Erik backstage             Erik before his illness

Badiene with Chita Rivera in Sweet Charity Rhythm of Life                                                              Erik with Stefka Estatieva in Suor Angelika

Badiene with Politicians

Erik and Badiene with former President George Bush, Sr. on the Presidential Helicopter

Badiene and British Prime Minister John Major        Badiene and President Bill Clinton                  Badiene and Governor John Corzine

Badiene and Congressman Rob Andrews
with daughter Josie