When You Don’t Make the Final Cut

Posted by Badiene Magaziner - November 19, 2012 - Uncategorized - No Comments

I know many of you get call backs and are bitterly disappointed at not booking the show. Some of you, so upset that you wanted to stop singing.

So….please read this!

Ask yourself this:

“Was my audition ‘in the ball park?”

Do you know baseball? If a batter bats 350, he is considered a PHENOMENAL player. But 350 means he ONLY hit the ball 3 out of 10 times!!! So….if you have 10 auditions and get 3 call backs. you would be considered a success! Artists always strive to be better and better. That is a good thing. But, try not to judge yourself. If you achieved 70% of what you intended, you are “in the ball park” and did a good job! If you feel you could have done better, realize that it is good to feel that way and to keep working to get to the next level. But NEVER berate yourself or judge. Dispassionately discern what you can do to better. Discuss it with your teacher and figure out how to notch it up to the next level. But do it with JOY and with the consciousness of wanting to SHARE your gift the next time you get the opportunity!

Years ago, I had a fabulous student who booked leading roles out of town and always made it down to the final few on Broadway but never booked. I called her agent to ask if there was anything else I could do to help her book…was anything lacking. She replied, “It is a numbers game. She is terrific and there is nothing more you can do!”

First, ask yourself, “Why am I singing?”

Think about this….

At birth, every one of us is given a purpose and gifts to accomplish that purpose. Gifts are meant to share. If you were given talent and a voice, your job is to fine tune it and put in the effort to be the best artist you can be…in order to share it…..and in sharing, if you effect even one person, you change the world!

Enjoy the PROCESS! Think of the audition as an opportunity to PERFORM for the people hearing you, to share your gift with the people hearing you. They WANT to be thrilled. They want to say, “We found our guy!” Maybe they are tired or sick or just bored hearing the same song for the 50th time! And if YOU are in the moment and have the consciousness of “moving” and effecting them, you have accomplished your job. The rest is in G-d’s hands.