Why Should We All Sing?

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Explore more profound aspects to singing!

There are so many answers to this deep question. Ponder the following:

Spiritual aspects of singing:

  • All energy is a form of vibration.
  • Singing is vibration.
  • Singing with the right intent can be a form of prayer and a powerful connection to the Creator energy of the Universe.

Healing aspects of singing:

  • Singing moves energy in the body, unlocking blockages and allowing the energies of the body to flow.
  • Singing changes and elevates our moods.
  • Singing changes the energy in those hearing us, helping them to change and elevate their moods.

There is tremendous power in singing. The power of song can help us remove the barriers of physicality and open us to higher worlds of perception.

Music has the power to unite everything. Song is the expression of the soul.

With the proper intention, a singer can elevate all hearing him to a higher levels!

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