Tips For Saving Your Voice

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Never push yourself to vocal fatigue.

During rehearsals:

Whether Opera, Broadway or POP/R&B, learning to save your voice is paramount. Learn to “mark.” Marking means either singing an octave down or simply singing softer, but with support. Do not sing full voice for every rehearsal, especially staging rehearsals. Find what works best for you so that you do not develop damaging vocal habits. Sing out when you feel you need to and mark if you are tired. Make sure to warm up before rehearsals incase you do want to sing out!

I found it useful to mark staging rehearsals and sing after the staging is in place. I also found it helpful NOT to sing full out on the first “Stizprobe.” In “OperaLand,” the Sitzprobe is the first seated orchestra rehearsal without staging. While the orchestra is finding its way and repeating phrases over and over again, singing full out can get tiring.

During recording sessions:

Stay well hydrated.

Pace yourself.

Give yourself sufficient vocal rest.

If tired, stop for a few minutes and resume after vocal rest.

Never push yourself to vocal fatigue.


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