Guidelines for Choosing a Voice Teacher

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Learn what to look for when choosing a voice teacher. Learn what questions to ask!

  • Does the teacher get you through several octaves on the first lesson easily with no tension in the larynx?
  • Does the teacher explain how the voice works? What do the vocal cords look like? How are the high notes made in the vocal cord structure?
  • Does the teacher demonstrate and explain the head voice, chest voice and the mix and get you to do it in the first lesson?
  • Does the teacher explain what each vocal exercise is for and make sure that you do not feel any tension in any exercise?
  • Does the teacher give you a game plan for developing your technique, your performance skills and your career?

Ask yourself:

  • Does the teacher encourage a dialogue?
  • Do you feel that you can communicate with the teacher?
  • Does the teacher explain simply and clearly how to do each exercise?
  • Does the teacher guide you to do the exercise correctly?
  • If you cannot do the exercise, does the teacher make you feel bad about it or does the teacher try a different approach to solve the problem, keeping your confidence intact?
  • Does the teacher treat you as an individual, giving personalized advice?


  • Are you getting results?
  • Do you notice immediate improvement?
  •  Does your voice feel better at the end of the lesson?


Don’t go for the cheapest! You will probably end up spending more money in the long run! When I first met Seth Riggs, he told me that he charged $300 per hour and I almost fainted! (He now charges $500!) I told him that I am not Michael Jackson or Natalie Cole and that he was out of my price range! He then asked me how much money I thought I had spent on lessons during my life. I couldn’t even begin to add it all up! He then said, “If I can put it together for you in a relatively short period of time, wouldn’t it be worth it?” I told him, “You’re on!” and went to LA to work with him. He delivered! And that’s why I teach this technique!!

A student who had worked with me during high school, had to leave my studio when her dad took a huge pay cut. She returned 2 years later, having lost her mix and 8 notes off her top register from a “cheaper teacher.” I had to completely re-educate muscles to mix. Her mother said, “I wish we had stayed with you, even taking just one lesson a month! At least she would have maintained her vocal skills and probably would have made more progress! Now I have to pay you just to get her back to where she was!”

AND…Study ONLY with a teacher who is POSITIVE, and INSPIRES you and ENCOURAGES you!!! As one of my students said, “A teacher who discourages you will do more damage than just cheat you of singing better. They steal your courage to fly!”

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