Eating for Optimum Performance

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Your Body is Your Instrument! Fuel it Properly!

Your body is your instrument. You should cherish it as the priceless gift it is! If a piano or violin string breaks, you can always just put another string on. But if a vocal cord is damaged, it’s not so simple! If you smoke and your lung capacity is diminished, or if you get bronchitis or asthma, your ability to perform will be affected. Your energy levels and mental state are directly affected by what you put in your body. Your entire body is involved when singing. Being physically, mentally and spiritual prepared are crucial in performing.

Keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat over a 2-week period. Notice how you feel 20, 30 and 60 minutes after eating a particular food. Notice if you get a headache. Notice which foods might give you issues the next day. Become the ultimate sleuth! Experiment and see which foods give you more energy, less energy. Notice which foods make you tired. Which foods give you mucus? Many artists stay away from all dairy, as it tends to be mucus inducing. Since you want your cords to remain flexible and pliable, it is good to avoid anything that swells the cords. For some people, salt is a no-no! For me, I have to stay away from all wheat (gluten) products, as they give me a headache or make me tired! I used to make a container of brown rice with tuna fish mixed in and nibble on it all throughout my 3-4 hour operas! It kept my energy level very even! Unfortunately, alcohol is a huge culprit when it comes to swollen cords! Sorry!!

Go to the library and learn about various eating plans. Try them and see what works for you. Learn about your body and make note of your optimal eating plan-the plan that allows you to feel great and have sustained concentration and energy.


JUST for Women:

For those of you who cramping and bloating around your menstrual cycle, you may want to try a regimen that really helped so many women:

The week after menstruation, take 4 of the following vitamins four times per day for 3 weeks:

Calcium/magnesium (1000/1500)

B-6 (100mg)

Oil of Evening Primrose

Vit. E (400)

Try the herbal liquid, Alkalol to get rid of nasal congestion. Rinse through each nostril. Do not swallow. It’s amazing!

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