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Identify which cities may be more advantageous to your career. If you want to be on Broadway, NYC is the place to start. For country music, think about Nashville. For opera, go where you find the best voice teacher and repertoire coach.

If you are planning to attend college, identify which colleges will be more helpful in propelling your career. Make sure you find a voice teacher who meets your needs. (See my article “Tips for Auditioning for College.)

Identify when your agent or manager has lost enthusiasm for you. If you are not being sent out for auditions, gently ask if anything appropriate is coming up. If you are still getting no response, find another manager before moving on. However, be careful not to “agent hop!” Try to make the agent work for YOU!

Find an ENT who is experienced with singers and make him your friend! You may need him last minute if you are sick and have to sing!

Make a great first impression. There are no “do-overs” in this area so make the first meeting pleasant, courteous, interesting and be yourself! Dress appropriately.


Use ALL aspects of the internet to research all facets of your career. Market yourself through your web site, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Use Youtube and the internet to find interesting repertoire. Find a proper team of teachers, coaches, agents, record producers, songwriters, stylists, etc. Do your own extensive research.

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